Innovation through venture building

We are venture architects

Think of us as an “idea” to “product” lab; we ideate, validate, design, and build venture concepts from the ground up

We are industry agnostic

Our goal is to ideate towards social and economic upward mobility within industries undergoing major technological shifts


We follow a human-centric approach to ideation, validation, and prototyping

Artificial Intelligence

We build to scale by ideating with the latest technologies in mind

Digital Transformation

We apply simple yet powerful tech solutions to replace old manual processes

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)

We have the experience in working with ESG frameworks and metrics

The Gig Economy

We cater to our ever changing world, with the latest trends in mind

The Internet of things (IoT)

We believe in the power of "valuable-data-collection" and applying it when applicable

Venture Building as a Service (VBaaS)

Global markets are constantly changing due to economic, environmental, political, and societal shifts. We serve as strategic partners to withstand and bounce back from such shifts by innovating through venture building!
We ideate and (co-)build innovative venture concepts alongside and on-behalf of
Government Entities
Venture Capital
Angel Investors
Our "made-to-measure" venture building methodology is the fruit of years of experimenting within the startup and corporate ecosystems

Opportunity Area Identification

A data driven discovery exercise within a specific industry to identify areas where we can make an impact

Venture Concept Ideation

We run customized ideation sprints to come up with solid venture ideas, solving for real problems or addressing a gap in the market

Concept Market Fit

Custom & interactive concept validation with super users, payers, and subject matter experts

Design & Prototyping

Scrappy yet human-centered approach to visualizing and testing concepts, this is an ongoing iterative piece

Business Model Innovation

Innovative value creation models translated into potential revenue streams

Iterative Product Development

A minimalist approach to breaking venture concepts into testable building blocks

We are boutique, agile, and ready to go!

We work with a handful of co-building customers, partners, and investors. If you are looking for a strategic venture building provider, drop us an email.

In-house venture building

We ideate venture concepts internally. These venture concepts are usually in their early stage and waiting to be coupled with the right founding team, here are some of the ventures we have in the pipeline :


Digital Health Personalization


An Experiential EdTech Platform


A Service Exchange Platform


Grocery Personalization Application


CryptoCurrency Exchange


Metaverse Augmented Reality Platform

Future Founders and Product Visionaries Wanted

We bring the breath of our experience and industry knowledge to build early-stage teams that are looking to disrupt startup and corporate ecosystems! We are building a diverse network of venture builders and industry subject-matter-experts with a global mindset and a collaborative culture